Interview with Christine Jeffryes, 14th August 2020

“I actually have got a painting of myself by Brian Homewood, a portrait that my Mum and Dad bought when I was sitting for those classes, when they didn’t have a model.

He [Christopher] was an interesting chap. He probably didn’t say a huge amount to us when we first met him. I think he was fairly reserved. Very... Obviously very knowledgeable. And actually a little bit daunting, I suppose, at the age that we were. Certainly I felt that. I was a little bit in awe of him, because he was so… He was this person who had quite a presence and obviously huge talent. But he put us at our ease and he was very complimentary about what we were doing, but also quite critical as well, he would give us good advice. I wouldn’t say that he had a lot of words to say, but what he did say was certainly taken on board. It was important to try and please him, if you like. Well, for me anyway, that’s how I felt.”

“Certainly those classes... they stayed with me. Some of the techniques that he was getting us to use, some of the ways that we were working, they stayed with me right the way through.

Even now I think: what would he say? What would he think about this approach? He was very much a draughtsman. He was very much about measurement and proportion and making sure things were sitting on the page. How you get that composition. But also, as I said, there was that spirit, that… I don’t know whether it was like a force? Or a mood? There was something about it. You had to try and capture something more than that accurate measurement. I mean, obviously when we first started a lot of it was about that, which isn’t taught maybe quite so formally now.”
Christine Jeffryes, "Sketchbook Drawings”, 1978

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