Interview with Brian Homewood, 18th August 2020

“He [Christopher] used to turn round to me and say, ‘I do it for therapy. I paint and draw for therapy.’ He never went out to sell. He did have exhibitions and stuff, but he was… He was like a kingpin amongst all the teachers and stuff like that. Quite a leader really. He used to hold exhibitions and he used to have his friends stuff in these exhibitions. But it never sold for a lot… I don’t think that was his prime objective.

He would never stop, but Steve has copied that in a way. I mean, after a Friday evening class, Chris would come along, we’d pop into the pub-this is when we was in our early twenties-we’d pop into the pub afterwards, with Matthew and myself. He’d have maybe half a pint, but he’d be drawing as soon as we got in there. [...] He’d be drawing all the time. You’ve seen from some of his sketches, he’d be sitting anywhere doing it.”

“He’d literally go out in the street and see somebody, and he’d just ask them, ‘Would you like to model for my evening class?’ Whether it portraiture or even naked, he didn’t care, he’d just ask anybody! If he saw somebody that was interesting… He did get some models like that. He wasn’t shy of asking. You can only get turned down. But you’d be surprised how many people he did get.”

“He was a stickler for getting things right, my God. You know, when you think you’re going really well, getting it right, he’d come along and say, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ He’d literally… get his pen- you used to get quite offended- he used to start doing it on your [work]. I didn’t want him to do that! It used to get up me… you know! He was a stickler!”

Brian in His Studio

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